my thing i guess

A website which is basically only a wall of text honoring people and a way for me to share music and videos i like, this website could break any second cause i have no idea wtf im doing, if you cant read some things then highlight it. Get ready for alot of text

Note: This song is bound to change whenever.

My name is corruption, i just like playing games and doing whatever. i made this website because why not and its not even guarenteed that i will continue making it but it has been fun making it lol, even if its only been short at the time of writing it but anywhoosie, i like omori, celeste, paradise killer and other games and am basically always bored so feel free to dm me whenevs .

This section is entirely dedicated to some of my best friends/favorite people. Fate, one of the best people i have ever met. June, real?? , static,nathaniel,drake, these three always manage to make me laugh whenever i talk to them. nediak, remnant of an older friend group and one of my longest lasting friends. madeline, A good friend of mine who helped me greatly. crimsonfox. always a happy person. julppuu and frolt, two friends which i used to hang out with alot, after a long falling out we are finally all fine with eachother again. kevin, choc choc and samuel, you three are idiots, love it. .

This section is similar to the other one, but purely for some of my Irl friends, most of which i have known since child hood[real names will either be changed to online names or only short versions used] Lu, one of my longest friends ever, one which i met before preschool and while we arent as close as we used to we still game together often. Ar/Le, two friends who i couldnt imagine apart, they come as a sort of double pack and honestly, no matter if im not really as close to them as others its still fun playing with them. Fie/hen, another double pack as sorts, they can be good friends but also huge assholes, all i can say for them is that i hope that they change. oaez, a friend i met around one year ago, they are a pretty fun person to be around and they are pretty nice, even if sometimes we fight. mar, i dont really have much to say about them, i dont really know much about them but they are pretty smart idk. lui, basically can only say the same as i did about mar, only with more splatoon. lordenor, a friend who did play alot of terraria and ror2 with about a year ago, we still sometimes play together though, just ALOT rarer.

if you werent mentioned in either of these, dont worry, if your seeing this you probably are my friend, maybe one that i dont interact with that much or just forgot while writing this with barely any sleep

this is just to test the second font, ignore if the wallpaper is weirdly looping